Yearly Archives: 2013

Brew Day Re-cap

Brew day was last Friday, and I began my much anticipated Crème Brûlée Ale.  I say began because there are a number of steps post brew that must be completed for this beer to be finished. I also used too much water.  Sounds bad right? Well, It's not so bad, what I wound up with was too much...
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Brew day next Friday!!!

Countdown to the next brew day!!! The beer I have planned is another somewhat wild recipe.  When I tell people about it, I usually get a response like: "Oooohhhh!!!  I want to try that!!!" Those that get to try it are lucky folks!! Whats the beer?  Crème brûlée Ale.  It'll have it's own page and description soon. Oh yeah......
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Bottling Day!

Julie and I bottled the Christmas Spice Saison today to the background of Christmas Music!!  We also decided to bottle a few 'splits' (375ml bottles).  Just because they are cute, and I can test out readiness without the need to open an entire 750ml bottle.  The little ones are still belgian style...
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