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Bottling Day!

Julie and I bottled the Christmas Spice Saison today to the background of Christmas Music!!  We also decided to bottle a few 'splits' (375ml bottles).  Just because they are cute, and I can test out readiness without the need to open an entire 750ml bottle.  The little ones are still belgian style...
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Pumpkin Beer a Success!!

Yes!!! Julie and I tried the Pumpkin Beer last night.  I had a half filled 750ml bottle from the batch, and put that in the fridge for a couple hours.  At first it tasted a little lighter than I had expected, but as it warmed up a little (like Ale's should) the flavors really came out!!! It...
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One week for pumpkin beer!!

While I'm sure a longer time in bottle conditioning will benefit the beer, I just can't wait any longer!!! It will have been in bottles for 3 weeks this coming Friday, and I'm going to pop one open. Meanwhile, the Christmas Saison sits patiently in Secondary Fermentation....
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