Bottled the Crème brûlée!!!

I’m very excited about this beer!!!

It was by far the most difficult bottling we’ve had so far.  It started with caramelizing lactose, which was much more difficult that I expected.  Apparently lactose caramelizes at a much higher temperature than cane sugar (or corn sugar).  I did however, get exactly the flavors I was hoping for, just like the crunchy top of a Crème brûlée!!! Mix in some vanilla extract, and with the grain profile and hop flavors from the brew, we have Crème brûlée beer!!

I also used dried malt extract for the sugar addition for bottle conditioning, and I’m probably not going to do that again.  Corn Sugar was easier to work with, and I doubt DME added anything to it.

It’s going to be a long 3 weeks for this to condition!!

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