Long time no update!!

It can’t possibly have been 3 months since an update can it?

I guess it has.

Since the Crème Bruleè, I haven’t made another batch of beer.  California is going through a major drought, and brewing beer takes A LOT of water. It seemed like against a sort of civic duty to use that much water, when some cities were literally running out of water.

So we moved!!! 

That in itself took up the next two months!!  Pretty much the busiest couple of months of my life!!  Julie and I now live in Ste. Genevieve, MO.  We’ve made an offer on the brewery building that has been accepted.  Now we just have to work on fulfilling all the contingencies of the offer.

There is a lot left to do, and we’re working hard to do them.  Julie is working on the Special Use Permit for City approval. One thing on the list is to brew another batch already!!!  (I just have to make sure all my brew equipment is unpacked.)

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