Making Beer Again!!!

I’t been a long time since I’ve made any beer.  Over a year in fact.

Here is what transpired in the last year:

  • Julie and I quit our jobs so we could:
  • Move to Ste. Genevieve, MO from Sacramento, CA
  • I started a new job in St. Louis, which
  • One month later I was laid off from.
  • We bought the Ste. Genevieve Brewery Building
  • I found a new job in just a few months.
  • We had a baby.
  • We moved again to a place where I have some space to brew beer.
  • We purchased the starting equipment for the brewery, a 50 Liter Speidel Braumeister.  Yep, it’s tiny, but it’s perfect.
  • We got our logo.

We’re underway now!!!  We’re getting all the government paperwork filled out as I write this, and we feel like progress is being made!!

Check out the ‘Our Beers’ section to see what’s going now!

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