What have we been doing all this time?

You are probably thinking: “Hey, I haven’t heard whats going on with Ste. Genevieve Brewery in a while!”

Sorry we haven’t kept everyone informed.  But it doesn’t mean we’ve been away from the project!!  Though we did have a significant delay: Micah needed surgery.  Funny enough, he had hernias repaired (yes… two of them), likely caused by lifting and moving full fermenters of beer.  So he hasn’t brewed in a while.

We had to get creative with financing, since getting a loan on a new business venture is very difficult (banks like to see proof it’ll work, which we just don’t have).  So here is the route we’re taking:

We are starting Ste. Genevieve Brewery as a very small production brewery (technically a ‘nano-brewery’) in a space at Watertower Winery.


Once licensed, the winery will include our beers in their tasting room, and beer club members will be able to pick up their membership beers there (those who have shown interest will get notified of when it will start). I will be searching for a pick-up location in St. Louis as well.

We were approved for the construction loan at the brewery building, and that should start REAL soon!!!

It’s a matter of some paperwork and contracts getting drafted and signed. When you see the construction barrier go up, you know we’ve started. Several local craftsmen have expressed interest in working on the project.  Send us your contact information (Facebook message, email at micah@stegenevievebrewery.com, call 573-567-0303… however), and we’ll send your information on to our general contractor.

When that construction is complete, we’ll expand the brewery into it’s original and intended location, and build out production to a much larger capacity.


So that’s the plan, and while we submitted for the Brewers Notice from the Federal Government in December, we have yet to hear back from them except that the ‘Initial Review’ is completed. After we the Federal Brewers notice,we need State Approval.  Hopefully that’s faster than the Fed’s.

In the meantime, we have equipped the space at Watertower Winery to handle a larger capacity than what was basically a large home-brewer capacity. (We also got a pallet stacker so Micah doesn’t have to swing around 150 pounds of beer anymore).

Here is a bullet list of a few things brewery fans might want to know:

  • We still have t-shirts available! We have most sizes in Blue and Green. Send us an email to purchase. (Micah had grand plans of implementing eCommerce on this website, but it’s a larger project than he thought.  One day, but not soon.)
  • Micah’s friend from California, Dave Chase, found a great job in St. Louis and moved to Ste. Genevieve. He’ll be helping us out, and likely starting his own business here.
  • Since we’re not licensed yet, we’re going to enter the home-brew contest in May at Mary Jane Burgers and Brew with a few beers.
    • One of those, we are brewing next weekend, we’ll have it available for tasting at Watertower Winery in May.
      • Julie gets to hear Micah ask: “You know what day it is?!”, and before she can answer, he’ll yell out: “It’s BREW DAY!!!”
  • Julie, Micah, and the brewery plans are the subject of an article in the latest issue of 573 Magazine!!  How cool is that?!

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  1. So how can one go about trying your Beers?

    • Like our Facebook page and look for when we do tastings at Watertower Winery!

      When we’re licensed, our beers will be available there to start.

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