Chocolate Covered Banana Porter

I keep telling Julie “I’m excited about this beer!!!”

In reality, I’m excited about all of them, but this one should be super fun!! ┬áThere is a good amount of Chocolate Malt, topped off with an even greater amount of pure coco.

There is some ‘beer technique’ play in this one. Based on the grains used, this is a Porter. ┬áBut it’s fermented with Hefeweizen yeast, at a higher than normal temperature and smaller amount in an attempt to coax out some banana flavor from stressing the yeast (often considered a flaw in a Hefeweizen… unless you’re trying to get it).

Then a bunch of Organic Banana Extract will go in the secondary fermentation tank, just to hit that flavor out of the park.


6 Responses

  1. Porter has always been my favorite…but what to go with it. Should I take a que from Elvis and have it with peanut butter…or just settle for Beer Nuts. Please reserve an order for me.

    • You bet Jim!! I’ll be sure you know when and where it’s available for tasting.

      After I give it a taste, I’ll let you know what would go best. I’ll bet both options would be pretty good!!

  2. I know someone who cannot wait to try it! I hope we can get a taste.

  3. Tasted this yesterday and it was excellent. Can’t wait till you have it for sale.

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