Ground-Up IPA

In the fermenter right now I have a new IPA for Ste. Genevieve Brewery.  I’m really excited about this one because not only do I expect it to be a great IPA, but I’ve developed a recipe for a fantastic beer mustard I’ll be making with the beer when it’s ready. I’m really looking forward to a hot dog or pretzel with this beer, and the mustard made from it.


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  1. For sale?

    • Boy I wish. Licensing is happening, but not just yet complete.

      I’ll have swag for sale soon. Not as good as beer, but Ste.Genevieve Brewery shirts and glasses are pretty cool!!

      Sign up for the email list and you’ll know when you can pre-order.

  2. Julie and I tried this last night on a blind taste test against Stone Brewing’s Ruination IPA. I tasted in clear glasses, so I immediately knew which one was mine. (It’s darker.)

    I loved it, and would prefer to drink this over Ruination (and I really like ruination).

    Julie (who tasted in black cups and couldn’t see the color… a true blind tasting) liked the Ground-Up better than Ruination. She said the hop profile was more even in aroma, flavor and bittering than Stone’s (which is heavy on bittering).

    Stay tuned for when we have the tasting!!

  3. Both my wife and I Loved it!!! Great work Micah and team at St. Genevieve Brewery….Keep it up. Better than Ruination, not just yet, but damn good!!!

    • Thanks David! This was my first brew on the new equipment, so there’s my excuse for it not being better than Ruination. (Even though we thought so. Biased much?)

      I’m super happy you enjoyed it, and thanks for adding us on Untappd!

  4. Appearance: Fully carbonated, solid, persistent foamcap, almost strawberry-amber hue.
    Aroma: malt-forward, toast, nutty, hops present, but not loud.
    Taste: Aroma came forward – malt-forward, toast, nutty. Sufficient hops bitterness to balance the malt, but definitely the malt wins this battle.
    Mouthfeel: Pleasant, full bodied.
    Drinkability: Yes! I would buy this.
    Summary: Overall nicely balanced IPA. Personally I look for a bit more hop bite and florals, but the hops bitterness was sufficient. It reminded me of some local APAs. Would pair well with spicy food to help balance the sweet malt.

    • Thank you very much Monda for the comprehensive review!! I’m very happy you liked it!

      I was hoping for more hop profile too with this, so when I brew this again, I plan to make that adjustment for improvement.

      Thanks again!

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