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Chocolate Covered Banana Porter

I keep telling Julie "I'm excited about this beer!!!" In reality, I'm excited about all of them, but this one should be super fun!!  There is a good amount of Chocolate Malt, topped off with an even greater amount of pure coco. There is some 'beer technique' play in this one. Based on the grains used, this...
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Crème brûlée German Ale

A Vanilla Creme Ale with a twist. Rather than just tossing in some Lactose (a non-fermentable sugar used for sweetness and mouthfeel), I decided to put some on the stove first and caramelize it for some more complex flavors.  Lot's of vanilla flavor, complex sugar and caramel.  Everyone should love this beer....
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Pumpkin Pie Spice

Brewed to be ready just before Thanksgiving for family and friends, this California Ale was brewed with a very heavy load of pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice.  I tripled the amount of each ingredient from some pumpkin ale recipes...  for some ingredients... even more. If you've had some of this, leave a comment below with your...
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