Pumpkin Beer a Success!!


Julie and I tried the Pumpkin Beer last night.  I had a half filled 750ml bottle from the batch, and put that in the fridge for a couple hours.  At first it tasted a little lighter than I had expected, but as it warmed up a little (like Ale’s should) the flavors really came out!!!

It was very well carbonated, that cork popped out REAL easy!!!

We have a full bottle in the fridge right now, and plan to drink that tonight, the Painted inaugural bottle!!!

While I’m really fond of the beer, I’m already cooking up ideas to make it even better, but it’ll have to wait a year.  By then, you’ll be able to actually BUY some.  Until then, only a few lucky family and friends will be able to taste it.  I’m encouraging everyone who tries it to leave their thoughts on the beers page.  You won’t get an idea about the beer if you only had my opinion right?! You can read their comments on the beer on this beer’s page by following the link here: Pumpkin Pie Spice California Ale. I’m currently labeling the bottles that are going to friends. Comments should start rolling in next week.

The Christmas Spice Saison is still fermenting away in Secondary.  We’ll be bottling it next weekend.

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  1. Micah Rousey

    I’m not sure if it was that the second bottle was full, or that it had some extra time in the refrigerator, but the bottle tonight was amazing!!!

    No light flavor, full of pumpkin and spice!!!

    Even better than I had thought before!!!

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