The brewery


Micah Rousey’s history with brewing starts with a history of food.  His experiments in the kitchen have resulted in some very tasty meals, and he’s taking that experimental mind to brewing beer.  Combining new flavors with often unique styles of beer, each batch he makes is difficult to wait for.  Every beer will be a test of something either difficult to find, or never before heard of… in some aspect pushing the limits of standard techniques.

We have now moved to Ste. Genevieve, and are in the process of purchasing the historic Ste. Genevieve Brewery building.

BreweryPhotoSmallThe Ste. Genevieve Brewing and Lighting Company began in 1890.  (Lighting? In the time, a ‘Lighting Company’ was what we would now call a power company.) The currently still standing brewery building in Ste. Genevieve was built in 1893. The building is in trouble, its age is showing, and needs significant repair. It has already lost a significant portion of the west side of the building.

Currently, the building functions as a personal warehouse for the buildings owner.

The Plan

Micah and Julie are creating a plan for the building.  With Micah’s background in business, and Julie’s experience as an Architect, the building will be saved with their pooled resources.  If you like what they are doing, and want to contribute to the cause, please click the support button below:

Soon enough, you’ll be able to buy Ste. Genevieve Brewery beer wherever you are, and support them while enjoying some tasty beer!!

If you would like to get on the list to be the first customers of the Ste. Genevieve Beer Club, or taste some of the current beer this home brewery project is creating, please send a message through the Contact Us page on this website.