What do you like in Beer? (Poll)

I’m making all kinds of beers, and developing different recipes.

With that in mind, what characteristics in beer do you like the most?

What characters do you like in beer? (Choose as many as you like)

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  1. Leave a comment about your favorites!

    • When I try a different beer, I want to taste … a different beer. I enjoy a beer that actually wants my attention. Something bold without being dumb (no pizza flavored beer, please). How about mint?

      That’s what I like about your brewing philosophy, Micah. Make it bold. Make it good. Push the envelope even if/when it rips.

  2. I like just about everything, with the exception of tart beers. But hoppy beers are what i usually lean toward.

    Looking forward to getting a chance to brew with you. Keep up the good work. We’ll have to work out a trade soon.

    • I’m the same… Not fond of sour beers.

      I’m up for a trade!!!

    • Also, you can check the calender under the beers section to find out when I’m brewing. You’re always welcome to join.

  3. I like most craft beers. My favorite are wheat beers. Sometimes flavored with grapefruit, blueberry, blackberry, etc. Pumpkin beers are great. My husband is all about IPA beer. The hopper the better.

    • Thanks Pat!! Just goes to show everybody had different tastes. Sounds to me like we have beers both of you will enjoy.

  4. As I mentioned, I like the stout…but even better the Porter which is a step down from stout. Having drank a Guinness in the 360 tower atop the Guinness brewery in Dublin was a real treat.

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